High Mesa Tour Explore Miami on a Boat in Florida

Whether you are looking for a vacation or an adventure in Miami or just spending the night in the town or simply looking for a serene fishing exposition, the boatyards of South Florida marinas might have something for you. Our recommandation for tourists in Miami Florida for yachting is our choice of yacht tours Miami and Top Fort Lauderdale Boat Attractions and Yacht Rental Below is a list of some of the top places to rent a boat in South Florida

List of best reviewed Boat rental tour comapnies in Miami

Miami Five Star

Miami Five star is the best Yacht Charter Service in South Florida and the entire of Miami. They have specialized with Miami and Fort Lauderdale Yacht Rentals. One of the things I like about Miami 5 star is the fact that they have a dedicated team that will stop at nothing to ensure that you have had a five star experience and your guests are also treated like royalties. When it comes to their professional team, their captains are highly trained with years of experience and the charisma that always attract the clients back to rent their services. Mimi Five Stars offer a large selection of Yacht Charters in Miami with each Yacht tailored to meet the client’s preference. It is high time you take a vacation to Miami and get to enjoy the sun, explore Miami/Ft Lauderdale, discover the beautiful islands, enjoy a fish trip or simply celebrate a lifetime event with an unforgettable experience with the 5 star Miami Yacht Charters.

Varmax Boats & Charters

Varmax Yacht charters provide boats and yacht rentals for the best prices in town. This company aims at making your experience as memorable as possible by providing you with Luxury yachts and fishing boats to mega yachts and power boats. Varmax provide all kinds of services as far as Boats are concerned. Their specialties include chartered Yacht and different offers for boats and yachts. Their team of professionals is going to guarantee you with first class services and you will enjoy the best and the most memorable experience you have ever had. Ensure you do not miss a hassle free and exhilarating boat ride with Varmax Yacht Charters

Captain Joe

Captain Joe First started running tours to the Bahamas on his Sail boat back in the year 1998 and this was the birth of Captain Joe’s Boat Rentals, Tours and Charters. His main goal was to be the best Boat rental Company in Miami through offering some of the greatest Charters and sightseeing tours of Miami. As someone would tell you experience is everything and for the past 18 year, Captain Joe has had nothing but experience and with time, he has ensured he has perfected the art of pleasing all his clients. Today, Captain Joe’s Boat Rentals, tours and Charters has grown and he has a fleet of vessels ranging from 19’ to over 65’ in which he owns all of them making it possible for him to provide some of the best rental deals in Miami. This company is conveniently located in the heart of Miami Biscayne Bay and his goal is to offer Miami boating aficionados the Best Local Boat Club. On April 2013 Captain Joe launched a new location in North Bay Village which is 10 min from South Beach. The new places offers a good number of sporting activities and a free parking place making the best boating club in Miami.

Miami Tours & Water Adventures

Miami Tours & Water Adventures offers a wide variety of water sport activities that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Some of the activities they offer include Private Customized Jet Ski Tours, Jetpacks, Fly boards, Tubing, Paddle Boarding, Wake Surfing, Water Skiing, Scuba Diving, Family Picnics., Island parties, Snorkeling Tours and Kayaking including lessons and equipment rentals. Their main mission is to provide the guest with a safe unforgettable experience. Their customer service is also remarkably amazing and guarantees remarkable memories. You will never tell the fun of anything until you try. Go book a water adventure tour today and create your memories.

Miami Beach Boat rental

Miami Beach boat rentals has some of the latest and new boats from the year 2014 in the South Beach Area. This rental company guarantees all clients a lot of fun as they are taking their time to explore the famous Miami Beach Islands like Monument, Star, Fisher and the Sandbars where you can swim, ski party and kids’ parties The company has free pickups policy. Their boats have up to 11 passengers and include water, ice box, and the captain and pick up from your location. When booking the boats, you can make your own choice according to the hours of the tours. Now don’t hesitate, pick up your phone and call Miami Beach Boat Rentals. You can also visit their website and book from their wide selection of boats and yachts.

The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales

The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales is a luxury yacht service with an extensive knowledge and experience in charter service. Over the years, this company has extended their service to yacht sales too. Most clients visit South Florida with the expectations of getting the best lifestyle experience and their team of experienced professionals is there to offer you the best experience and one thing about this team is the fact that they delight in exceeding their expectations at every opportunity. Some of their service areas include The Florida Keys, The Caribbean, The Bahamas and surrounding Islands, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Miami Beach. The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales provide the logistics and support for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. You can take your time and see all the boats on the All-Yachts page. You can also consider making your purchase as they promise you the best service, memorable customer support and the best prices in town.

Explore Miami with a amazing boat tour.

Miami Boat rental is all about fun. They believe that boating should be fun easy and an experience that does not have to indulge worry. This is the best way you can create memorable memories with your families and friends. That is why they have fully serviced high quality boats that will not have you spend time repairing instead of enjoying your fun. If you are looking for an exciting way to go fishing, diving, and water sports or just enjoying the beautiful azure waters of Miami’s Biscayne Bay, then Boat Rental Miami will provide you with an excellent alternative to boat ownership. You can visit their website and choose out of the different varieties of boats and yachts that they have.

Top Places to Rent A Boat in South Florida

1. Miami Five Star

Miami Five Star is a top craft rental and charter with over forty to choose from. With this company, you can be guaranteed of a smooth voyage in lavish and memorable full day and half day rentals. With over 40 yachts, you will be spoilt for choice and you can be assured, all the yachts are perfect. All rentals come with a captain who can speak more than two languages and an optional chef together with water toys and wave runners toys so that you will not be lost completely in the experience.

2. Yolo Boat Rentals

When you choose Yolo, you are not only choosing a boat, you are choosing an experience. This will be an experience you will confirm that “You Only Lived Once”. Most boat rentals start from only $80. At this price you are guaranteed to enjoy amazing waterways, through jet skis scuba diving, parasailing and even sport fishing. Come to think of it, you do not need $1000 to propose to your dream girl on a yacht. Yolo make this and many more possible. Visit the Yolo website and you will find more offers and treats.

3. Fishing headquarters

If you are that person who loves fishing but you are not the type of an extreme sport person on the waterways, then Fishing headquarters may just have something to suit you. You can be allowed to rent boats starting at $125 if you are fishing alone but if you are the competitive type, Fishing Headquarters will hook you up on a chartered voyage with other fishermen at only $40 per head.

4. Boat Rental Miami

If you are looking for a luxury fleet of almost new boats then Boat Rental is where you should visit. At only $199 for a five person party you can be booked into one of the luxurious almost new fleet of boats. Every guest on their boast are treated like a VIP with an experienced crew you will definitely never forget this experience. The boats are well equipped with very good sound systems and, refreshments and entertainment centers. With Boat Rental Miami, you can be guaranteed of your safety considering they service all their boats before any voyage.